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The Academic Personnel Office has developed a series of checklists and forms to assist in assembling academic review files, as well as to enable staff and faculty to provide academic personnel information in a standardized format. These checklists and forms are available in a .PDF and/or .DOC/X file format for you to download and fill in with your word processor. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read and print the forms on this site. To download a free copy go to the Adobe website.

If you need a form that is not available here please contact your Dean's office or send an email to the Academic Personnel Office at

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  • Biography Form
  • UC Confidentiality Policy 
  • Request for Access to Records
  • Request for Access to Records by Third Party
  • Class Visitation Report
  • Unit 18 Access to Record
  • Academic Coordinator Criteria Form
  • Affirmative Action Compliance Report
  • Affirmative Action Summary of Recruitment Statistics
  • Biography Form
  • Checklist for Assistant Professor I, II and III Appointments
  • Checklist for Appointments for Assistant Professor IV & Above
  • Checklist for Appointments for Lectures and Senior Lectures with SOE or PSOE
  • Checklist of Steps in the Recruitment/Appointment Process
  • Cover Sheet for Ladder-Rank Appointments
  • Cover Sheet for Assistant I, II, III Appointments
  • Faculty Recruitment Program Assessment Form
  • Model Letter for Appointment to Associate Professor
  • Model Letter for Appointment to Full Professor
  • Model Letter for Appointment to Professor IV
  • Model Letter for Appointment to Professor Above Scale
  • Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Form
  • Search Committee Checklist
  • UC Confidentiality Policy
  • UC Retirement Plan Waiver & Release
  • UC Riverside Academic Recall Appointment Form
  • 220 Process Checklist
  • Biography Form
  • Candidate's Response to Department Letter
  • Candidate's Statement for Conflict of Commitment Report
  • Checklist for files:
    • Appraisal
    • Career Review
    • Deferral
    • Merit
    • Merit/Assistant Professors Reappointment
    • Merit/Reappointment for Lectureers and Senior Lecturers with SOE or PSOE
    • Promotion or Advancement to VI, A/S or within A/S
    • Promotion or Advancement for Lecturers and Senior Lecturers with SOE or PSOE
    • Quinquennial Review
    • Quinquennial Review for Lecturers and Senior Lecturers with SOE or PSOE
  • Checklist for Review Files
  • Department Chair Checklist
  • Departmental Recomendation:
    • For Merit/Promotion/Advancement/Career Review/Quinquennial
    • For Reappointment/Appraisal
    • Department Letter Narrrative
  • Extramural Solicitation Letters:
    • Model A - Promotion to Associate Professor
    • Model B - Promotion to Full Professor
    • Model C - Advancement to Professor VI
    • Model D - Advancement to Professor Above Scale
    • Model E - Response to Unsolicited Letters
    • Model F - Response to Unsolicited Letters w/Restrictions
    • Model G - Career Review
    • UC Confidentiality Policy
  • Faculty Member File Preparation Checklist
  • Grant Activity
  • Request for Access to Records
  • Statement of Procedural Safeguards (Part 1)
  • Statement of Procedural Safeguards (Part 2)
  • Teaching Load Data
  • Supplemental Teaching Load Data
  • UC Confidentiality Policy
  • Additional Compensation for FY Appointees - APM 600-14 Exception Form
  • Continuing Appointees:
    • Merit Review Timeline for Continuing Appointees
    • Document Checklist for Merit Reviews
    • Certification Statement for Merit Reviews
  • Excellence Reviews: For eligible lecturers prior to achieving continuing status (previously known as post-six-year/three-year appointments) :
    • Excellence Review Timeline
    • Document Checklist for Excellence Review
    • Certification Statement for Continuing Appointment (Excellence Review with Merit Review)
  • The following forms apply to both continuing appointee merit reviews and excellent reviews for all lecturers:
    • Biography Form
    • Teaching Load Data
    • UC Confidentiality Policy
    • Unit 18 Access to Records
    • NSF Procedural Safeguard - File Modification
  • Information related to the MOU requirement for assessment prior to any pre-6-yr lecturer reappointment:
    • Pre-6 Year Non-Senate Faculty Appointment and Reappointment Information
    • Pre-6 Year Non-Senate Faculty Assessment Checklist
  • Class Visitation Report
  • Librarian, Asst. & Assoc. University Librarian Review Procedures
    • AUL Call
    • Biography Form
    • UC Confidentiality Policy
    • Request for Access to Records
  • Librarian, Librarian Series Review Procedures
    • Librarian Call
    • Biography Form
    • UC Confidentiality Policy
    • Request for Access to Records
  • Curator/Archivist Review Procedures
    • Curator/Archivist Call CuratorCall
    • Biography Form
    • UC Confidentiality Policy
    • Request for Access to Records

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