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THE CALL 2013-2014

Type of ActionChecklist Attachment #
Appraisal Attachment C-I
Career Review Attachment C-II
Deferral Attachment C-III
Merit & Reappointment Attachment C-IV
Merit & Reappointment SOE/PSOE Attachment C-IVA
Promotion to Associate Professor Attachment C-V
Promotion to Professor Attachment C-V
Advancement to Professor VI Attachment C-V
Advancement to Above-Scale Attachment C-V
Advancement within Above-Scale Attachment C-V
Promotion or Advancement SOE/PSOE Attachment C-VA
Quinquennial Review Attachment C-VI
Quinquennial Review SOE/PSOE Attachment C-VIA
Appointment for Assistant Professor 1, 2, and 3 Attachment C-VII
Appointment for Assistant Professor 1, 2, and 3 SOE/PSOE Attachment C-VIIA
Appointment for Assistant Professor 4 and Above Attachment C-VIII

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